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What Are You Really Hungry For?

soul hunger - what are you really hungry for?

When we starve ourselves, emotionally binge eat, or place any rigid controls over food, we are not just sending a cry of physical hunger. We are shouting out that we are soul hungry - our soul is hungry for life, hungry for love and hungry for leaping forth into enabling you to become the person you truly are.

Any seemingly sabotaging relationship with food is our soul's hungry cry to be fed and nourished with the things it needs to thrive. These things aren't just physical or in a food form - they play our as cravings for friendships, autonomy, control, relationships, belonging, creativity expression, compassion, acceptance and self-love.

The forced wearing of many masks and the intense feelings of guilt, shame, anger, anxiety and fear are not fuel to feed on - as so many of us do. They actually make our soul even more hungry for change, and a desire to feed off something more substantial. Sometimes this hunger becomes so powerfully strong and prominent, that we begin to behave and think so dysfunctionally, that we HAVE to listen to our soul's hunger once and for all.

We need to tune into to our inner selves, and listen to the soft and soothing sound of our soul's reassuring voice. We can then notice that its authentic voice is anything but related to being self-loathing, self-sabotaging or hateful. In fact, underneath all of those unnecessary masks and claustrophobic layers, what your soul is really saying is:

"LOVE me, HONOUR me, FIND me, CHERISH me and UTILISE me for the good of yourself, mankind and the whole planet"

This is the unfamiliar yet sacred and important voice that so many of us long to become more familiar and loving with. Only then can we finally feed out soul with the nourishment it deserves, while the empty black holes of feeling unworthy, unlovable and unsuccessful will vanish - replaced instead by the fertile souls needed for you to plant seeds of personal growth, compassion, authenticity and LOVE.

So, what is your soul hungry for? What is it crying out to you, and how are your behaviours or feelings potentially masking those all important cries from being heard and understood?

When you create the time and space to listen in without fear, the truth will be revealed, and no longer will you see your actions as being a result of a disordered person. You will see that, underneath everything, you have an innate soul hunger than can only be satisfied with your own compassion and authenticity - living life as you without the masks you hide behind.

So give your soul hunger what it has always deserved, and finally feel full of life though feeding and filling those black holes with the fertile soils of compassion and unconditional love.

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