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Live Your Wander-FULL Life

live your wander-full life

As we get older, we can develop routines and structures that seem to place us in a space of flow. However, as time goes on, we notice that our routines become structures that develop a certain stiffness to them. We too become stiff and rigid - scared to wonder what life would be like if we did things a bit differently. We become scared to wander.

Wadering is a deep seated human need for pondering about life and exploring what is ‘out there’. We didn’t get on our patch of island, wherever we belong in the world, out of pure luck. We are natural born explorers, and history shows that wherever humans go, we wander and wander around. Wanderlust is a key characteristic of ours, and we just so happen to have used that to the best of our advantage - exploring various parts of the globe - thinking about new ideas - putting innovations down on paper - turning our dreams into reality.

But Now, in the messed up midst of a 9 to 5 age that grows profit from sitting still and striving simply for the next pay check or weight loss number, we have become set in our ways...

So many of us fear wondering how life would be different - much better even - if we chose to wander. Perhaps we are scared of giving up on our prior dreams, letting people down or neglecting certain responsibilities like jobs, childcare or looking after family and friends. Perhaps we are scared to think about what could be different - just in case it makes us want what is different, and we then feel like a rabbit in the headlights, too scared to make the change we so long to create.

However, this nagging feeling of needing to wander a little more - a need for more flow and vibrant energy in your life won’t go away. Not many beings on this planet were born to stay in one place or remain rigid, otherwise we might snap in harsh winds or when the going got tough and new nourishing lands needed to be found.

Whatever that nagging feeling is inside of you - that feeling that makes you want to wander - listen to it carefully. What is it calling you to do?

- change jobs

- travel more

- Move home

- Train for your dream career

- End a relationship

- Enter a new relationship

- Finally say yes to an opportunity you denied out of fear

Whatever it is, have a little wonder about your personal need to wander. It is there fore a reason, and creating any change in your life is almost always a stimulus for personal growth. Just because you might cross a few bridges, baron lands and story weathers in the process, doesn’t mean that the grass isn’t greener when you get there.

To wander, we must first wonder. Take time out for yourself to wonder what it would be like if you changes something that feels stagnant or no longer fulfilling. How would it feel, what would it look like, How would your prospects alter for the better.

Weigh up your options and visualise it as best you can. If at any point you feel a wave of positive emotion, followed by intense fear, do not be afraid. This is purely natural - of course we must be wary. But not too wary. Fear can be a guide, but not an ultimatum. In fact, fear about wandering is inevitable, but it can make getting to the destination we long for so much more fulfilling and strengthening in the process. Imagine how you would feel if your wander-lust nature was fulfilled despite difficult circumstances? What would you learn about yourself, and how much stronger and wise would you become about a person?

From my personal experience, wandering has helped me get to where I am today. So much of the journey was so darn scary, and often still it, but I know that wondering and wandering to find a better life is always worth it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to fulfil my own life mission of helping as many people as possible through Nourishing Routes. Staying in my old job would have meant security, but not meaning and purpose.

So what is it that you really desire? Safety through staying, or wonder through wandering your way through life?

You don’t have to have a set in stone plan - or even a distinct plan at all. Just plan to wonder and wander. Wandering is after all a process that weaves in different directions and not one straight route.

In the end you’ll thank yourself for following your natural instinct to carry yourself through to the Wander-FULL life you deserve and were born to live for.

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