The Rhythm of Loss and Life - An Autumn Poem by Marissa Pendlebury:


Twilight breaks through the twinning of trees,

Each sweep of a sun ray, interweaving all manner of leaves

I hear as their soft twigs finally snap,

And a flutter of sweet smoky amber falls to its back

Resting upon the nourishment quenched woodland floor

The ground speaks its wisdom and calls out for more

I look skywards to see an effervescent paparazzi-like light,

Through the canopy mesh it flickers, blinding my sight.

The voices of wildness chime with its glee

Perhaps its nameless choir is a calling to me?

I feel grounded, connected to this mystical allure

But No being can know what this intuitive forest must soon endure…

A shatter of hearts, a breaking of bones.

A decay of what spring and summer once freely proposed